THATBox Comes to Innovative Packaging

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Innovative Packaging is the exclusive producer in our market of a revolutionary new corrugated design called THATBox.  THATBox is a unique preglued box available in many different styles.  It sets up very quickly and has enhanced stacking strength compared to standard RSC boxes.  Any manufacturer currently folding flaps and taping or gluing the bottom of boxes, will experience a significant increase in efficiency, output, and PROFIT by using THATBox in their operation.  Go to our "Contact Us" page and ask for more information on THATTBox.

Features of THATBox

 •Solid Bottom / No tape
•Double wall sides greatly improves stacking strength and allows for reducing board weight while maintaining integrity
•THATBox™ design typically reduces board area which means cost savings
•No longer "Pre-building" boxes to prepare for production
•Returnable / Reusable
•Eliminates dangers of "knifing" open boxes to break them down for recycling/disposal
•THATBox™ design specialist available for site visits to help identify savings through out the supply chain