Sustainability Digest

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sustainability is a term thrown around almost daily in the packaging world today. Major retailers have gotten loads of good press for their efforts to become more “sustainable” or in layman’s terms green. But what can smaller users and buyers of packaging do to improve the sustainability of their operation?

The first and most effective tool is a comprehensive design review. By having a packaging professional visit your plant and review all aspects of packaging, a typical production facility can identify many opportunities to reduce packaging, increase material efficiency, and streamline material handling. The best part of having a supplier, or potential supplier, with this capability, is that it usually only costs you some time to share information about your manufacturing processes. Innovative Packaging has had significant success working with customers and prospects to not only improve their sustainability, but also save them money with material reductions and improved efficiency. Raising recycled content of packaging, reducing internal energy consumption, and improving freight utilization are only a few of the solutions proposed and implemented to date.

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