Today’s Gas Reducer – Logistics—

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How much does a mile cost when you’re shipping your product to market? The typical 18 wheeler get 5-8 miles per gallon of fuel. Extra miles then, cost extra dollars. So what can we do to reduce fuel consumption and freight costs?

Our first consideration is location, location, location. We always attempt to group our deliveries in geographic areas. That may mean we call you to move an order forward, or to set up a fixed day for deliveries in your area.

We also give great consideration to filling our trucks as full as possible. From the time we quote an item, we attempt to unitize to maximize the number of boxes per truck. The most economic quantity of any box is a full truckload packed as tightly as possible. Our customer service department also does a great job of looking out at upcoming orders to find opportunities to pull orders up in the schedule to ship with other orders you may have placed.

From the customer perspective, we also consider shipping costs as we design packaging. Our automated design program can show visually how cases will fit on a pallet, and finished pallets will fit on a truck. Using fewer shipments to get your products to the customer can be a huge cost savings. We review your current packaging for resizing opportunities or help you with getting a new product to market with the most efficient logistic plan.