We Do Packaging With Style

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What style of box are you using every day? RSC, HSC, FOL, CSSC, Die Cut Self Locking? The box business can be confusing with all of the abbreviations we use to identify boxes. Selecting the most efficient style for your application can be the most important consideration in packaging costs. The RSC, or regular slotted container, is the most common and often the most efficient use of corrugated board. This style of box has flaps on the top and bottom that meet when folded to 3/8” above the fully closed position. It is generally the lowest cost to produce as it usually runs through only one production process.

A very small box, or a package with a very short height, may lend itself to a die cut one panel folder. This style comes unjoined and is folded around the product and taped or glued in the packing facility.

Our creative designer can assess your product, and your customer’s needs which will drive the design process.

Call us and let us help you determine which style makes the most sense for your operation.

Brien Blackburn-Sales Manager (260) 417-2827